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#1 ABM Prep Solution

RingLead offers the organizations the fundamental and essential foundation to implement effective Account Based Marketing strategies.

Plug & Play Simplicity

Our Date Quality and Lead Optimization tool are easy to install and integrate seamlessly with the leading CRM and marketing automation platforms, including Salesforce and Marketo.

Smart Prospecting

– Capture new leads in a snap of a button
– No more data entry, zero duplicates
– Shave minutes of research per contact

No More Duplicates

– Improve rep productivity
– Lower Marketo costs
– Improve CRM data reporting accuracy

Email Validation

– Reduce Bounce Rates
– Don’t pay for bad Marketo emails
– Avoid Spam Traps

Data Standardization

– Segment by title and geography
– Eliminate SFDC sync errors
– Convert names to proper case for better email personalization

Firmographic & Contact Append

– Set your AEs for success with full contact and company info
– Spot the biggest potential deals
– Prepare your leads for smarter segmentation and routing

Account Based Lead Routing

– Assign leads to right rep on right account
– Alert reps on target account leads
– Stop different reps calling same account