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Analytics depends on reporting. Reporting depends on your data.
Can you depend on your data?

Standardization is the foundation of data quality

Enforced data standards reduce duplicates by 6X, even if you already have a duplicate prevention system. RingLead makes ANY duplicate strategy work better with its patented “Normalizer” technology.

Once your data is standardized you can start the journey of brilliant lead routing, persona creation, accurate reporting and insightful analytics. Not to mention you will save money on data storage costs with a lean, clean CRM.

  • Simplify CRM searching, find data faster

  • Add more intelligence to your Lead routing

  • Improve duplicate prevention

  • Improve reporting accuracy

  • Segment titles into department, level and role

Setting the standard for Data Standardization 


Get Ready for Account Based Marketing

Here’s a secret: Account Based Marketing (ABM) is powering a new wave successful sales outreach. The dirty secret that people don’t mention – it doesn’t work if your data is dirty. New lead comes in, it needs to be routed to the right Account and the right Campaign. RingLead does it for you.

10X results from Marketing Campaigns
When was the last time you sent the same message to everyone in your list?  If it was recent, you really need our help.  Mass mailing the same message without segmenting your list is a sure path to zero response rates. RingLead can automatically segment every title of every contact you have.  Every title gets coded by both level and department, so you can launch brilliant, targeted, and segmented outreach.
Buyer Profiles
You have a Director of Marketing in your lead queue.  Are they the top marketing contact at the company? You can’t tell this without data mining all contacts and building influence vectors across your contact base.  Sounds complicated? It is, but RingLead makes it easier for you.  We deliver the data required to build those personas.
The World of Duplicate Prevention just got better
ANY duplicate protection or removal system works better with RingLead’s Patented Normalizer technology.  We play nicely with others. Deduplication effectiveness is 6X more effective if the data being worked with is Normalized first.  We wrote the book (and the Patent) on data standards.
Industry Classification that makes sense
Trying to standardize your industries in your CRM or Marketing Automation system?  Without solving this problem, you can’t segment campaigns, build targeted personas or succeed at Account Based Marketing.  We can help you get out of the dark ages of SIC codes that are not human readable.  Did you know SIC codes have not been updated since 1987?  Are you building your business on this?  RingLead has unique expertise to help your move your industry classification into the future.
Expertise and Excitement
The future is dependent on having the right data.  The RingLead team is ready and excited to hear about your data challenges.