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How it Works

Right Rep on Right Account

Target Account Alerts

Better Coordination

RingLead applies its advanced duplicate matching logic to update existing Leads and Contacts and notify the existing record owner or an administrative user of the recent activity, all according to your unique configuration settings. Additionally, when a record already exists in your CRM, RingLead will merge the incoming prospect with the existing Marketo prospect. Syncing with the CRM Record ID RingLead found as a match.

See the diagram below for a visual representation of how this works.


Essential Features for ABM Enrichment

Connect Leads to Target Accounts

When a new lead is created, RingLead searches existing Leads and Contacts. If no matches are found, RingLead searches existing Accounts to see if any match the Lead company information. RingLead performs a fuzzy match on company name, address, phone, domain name used in the Lead email address, and other fields to find matches. The matching Account is linked from the Lead record which allows Account fields to place on the Lead view as formula fields.

Leads linked to matching Accounts are owned by the Account Owner 

Every Lead that is matched to an Account can trigger a lead assignment rule to set the Lead owner to the linked Account owner. This ensures that new leads are routed to their strategic Account owners.

Account Owner’s BDR (LDR, SDR) own Leads linked to their Accounts 

If the linked Account owner has a BDR, the Lead can be owned by the BDR.

Easily alert Account owners on new Leads linked to their Accounts

Want to let your reps know when a new lead comes in from one of their accounts? Just set up an email alert that gets sent whenever Salesforce assigns the lead owner equal to the account owner.

Auto-convert Leads to Contacts (optional exceptions)

Convert only specific Leads. For example, Leads matching Accounts with open Opportunities or specific Account types will automatically be converted Contacts.

Bulk process existing Leads

In addition to new inbound Leads, perform batch processes to associate all existing Leads to existing Accounts.

Bulk process new Contacts from a list

Uploading a list? Use our bulk processing feature to see which people are associated with pre-existing Accounts.

Account-based Lead scoring

Leads associated with target accounts are probably more valuable. Now you can increment Lead scores when RingLead links a Lead to an existing Account.

Lead visibility from Accounts

Now you can see all of the leads that associated with your account. Just click on the account and check out the section entitled “Linked Leads”.